BREAKFAST (7am-12pm)

BRIOCHE TOASTY Layered leg ham and aged cheddar, brioche toasty, Béchamel topped with 2 fried eggs. $18.50

EGGS ON TOAST Any way on artisan sourdough. $14.50

CORN BREAD Chorizo,  ragu, chilli jam and 2 poached eggs. $19.00 

SWEETCORN, ZUCCHINI AND FETA FRITTER –    Smoked salmon,  2 poached eggs, smashed avocado. $22.50

PALEO PLATTER  2 poached eggs served over avocado, spiced nuts, seeds, and  baby spinach. $16.50

SMASHED AVOCADO  Artisan sourdough toast, lemon curd with 2 poached eggs (v). $18.50

WOOD ROASTED MUSHROOMS served with Basil pesto, 2 poached eggs, artisan sourdough. $19.50

FULL BREAKFAST 2 Eggs anyway, sausage, house made beans, roast tomato, bacon, pesto mushrooms, artisan sourdough. $24.00

BREAKFAST STEAK SERVED with Smashed avocado, 2 poached eggs, streaky bacon topped with jalapeno sauce. $23.50

PITAYA BOWL Dragon fruit, mango, strawberry, seasonal fruit, coconut (v). $16.50

ACAI BOWL Granola, seasonal fruit, goji berries, cacao nibs, bee  pollen and coconut (v).$16.50

BERRY  PANCAKES   Macerated berries, spiced honey mascarpone, passion fruit coulis. $19.50

BIRCHER MUESLI served with spiced poached apple, yoghurt and raisins. $16.00

CHOCOLATE WAFFLE served with orange and coconut ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. $18.00



PANCAKE DIPPERS served with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, and chocolate  sauce. $9.50

EGG ON TOAST egg anyway, bacon and sourdough toast. $9.50


LUNCH/DINER (Mon/Tues 12pm-4pm,Wed-Sun 12pm-LATE)



Flat bread served with antipasti and dips of the day. $18.00

Chicken Popcorn served with hot sauce. $15.00

Chorizo  arancini with lime and tabasco mayo. $15.00

Croquettes  Please ask your server. $12.00

Smoked salmon served with coconut dressing, wanton crisps. $19.00

Fries with tomato ketchup(vg). $9.00

Grilled snapper topped with black beans, corn salsa, za’atar aioli served in a soft shell taco (1)(gf). $8.50

Roasted Peppers with avocado, cashew dressing served in a soft shell taco (1)  (vg). $8.50

Beef slider pickled zucchini, tomato relish & cheese (1). $9.50

Slow cooked Moroccan lamb, tzatziki and cucumber served in a

Slider (1) gf 9.00

Soft shell crab slider served with iceberg and cocktail sauce (1). $10.00

Beans & Chickpea slider served with tahini labneh (vg)$9.00



Prawn and squid salad , green mango, papaya with a lemongrass and coriander dressing. $20.00

Panzanella – Brioche topped with heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella with house made tapenade (vg). $14.00

Rainbow Tempeh Salad served with roasted corn, cabbage and orange glaze(vg)( gf). $14.00

Kale, Hummus, roasted beetroot and cauliflower salad served with mixed nuts (vg). $15.00

Salad of the day please ask your server. $10.00



Nachos Moroccan chicken, chickpeas, sour cream. $16.00

               (+) guacamole. $5.00

Cheesy bread filled with pulled pork, and Chinese cabbage (4). $16.00

Sweet soy mixed mushroom bao buns, and slaw (3)(vg)$17.00

BBQ beef short rib pickled daikon, mayonnaise bao buns (3). $ 17.00

Fish and chips served with Asian style coleslaw (Grilled/Fried). $19.50

Steak sandwich served with mango chutney, caramelised onion. $19.50

Crispy chicken burger served with pickled carrots, ginger and jalapeno cream cheese. $18.00

Barramundi parcel served with coconut rice, chili, ginger and soy sauce. $30.00

Black Angus Sirloin Steak served with chimichurri, leek puree, maple baby carrots and chips. $32.00

Hoisin roasted pork belly, shimeji mushrooms and garlic choy sum with a side of rice. $26.00

Fresh tagliatelle – artichoke, peas and brie cheese (vg). $24.00


PIZZA ( Gluten free options available)

Flat bread served with antipasti and dips of the day. $18.00

Margarita San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, basil. $19.00

Prosciutto served with grape tomatoes, brie and rocket. $24.00

Chicken calzone pesto, chicken, sun dried tomato, spinach, brie and cheese. $22.00

Garden pizza served with marinated zucchini, artichokes, grape tomatoes, chili cauliflower and cashew may(vg). $21.00



Fries, with tomato ketchup(v). $9.00

Crunchy Greens – seasonal side of green vegetables topped with flaked almonds and crispy shallots. $9.00

Honey roasted pumpkin with tahini labneh. $10.00

Garlic burnt butter mushrooms with parmesan cheese. $10.00



Cheeseburger and chips. $9.50

Ham, cheese and pineapple pizza. $9.50

Chicken Popcorn served with chips. $9.50

Grilled or Fried Fish and chips. $9.50



Doughnuts served with hazelnut, chocolate sauce. $12.00

House Brulee. $12.00 

*Little ones are defined as children under the age of 12. 

** 10% discount is available for Seniors citizens.